A winery is a building or property that produces wine. Wineries might be a business involved in the production of wine, for instance, a wine company. Wineries are fantastic place to go with the love of your life for a special occasion. Take your friends and have an enjoyable day of food and wine. Most wineries have events throughout the year, just get on their web site and see what events they will be having. Often there is something to cover the occasions you are planning.

It is smart way to spend the day with friends or family. You get to meet a lot of different people who have the same enthusiasm as you do. It is also a great way to rejuvenate souvenirs of your trip. Just remember to pack accordingly you might need to have some space for the return trip, also ensure you understand all the rules if you are flying. I know of people who have transported wine back to make it easier on them. You may be able to have the winery ship it to your house this will depend on the state you live and the state the winery is in.

When most people visualize wineries, they immediately associate it with the Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley in California, Italy and France, the large and legendary winemaking regions. Nevertheless, winegrowers can be found everywhere in the world. Wineries do not always have to be located next to a vineyard as grapes can be transported worldwide.


A micro-winery is a small wine producer that doesn’t possess its own vineyard so they, instead, get grapes from outside suppliers. They use the same wine-making equipment as an industrial winery does, but on a smaller scale. Each batch of wine usually yields 23 liters or 6 US gallons. One of the main differences between a micro-winery and a typical winery is that a micro-winery gives a wider range of wines, since it is not tied to the grapes as it grows.

Urban Winery

Urban winery is the newest in the business, in which a wine producer chooses to place their winemaking facility in an urban setting within the city, instead of in the traditional rural setting near vineyards. Urban wineries can be found in some cities across the United States, such as

Portland, Sacramento, Seattle, San Francisco, Oregon, New York, Los Angeles, and many more. Just like the standard vineyards, urban ones also offer production tours, tasting rooms, and retail sales of their wines. This enables the customer to purchase directly from the source, knowing that the wines have been preserved properly and correctly because they do not need to be transferred anymore from its source. The distribution of wine increases its chances of getting spoiled due to the hazardous conditions that could occur during the transport. Some urban vineyards also offer full service restaurants for live entertainment right on the spot. They also offer their customers the special chance to create their own wine, of course under the guidance of the winemaking crew, wherein they can choose their own varieties of grape, create a name for their wine, then make production choices and then participate in the blending and mixing of the final product.