Wine Issues

While we have wines at regular intervals, we also face many problems and issues. Some of us become quite successful in determining the causes of the issues but some remain fails in determining those. This article will talk about some of the issues regarding wine. Let’s have a look!


It means that the oxygen has got into your wine. The characteristic smells that are associated with the oxidation of wines are the sherry, nuts or cider. Some wines have controlled oxidation like tawny port, madeira, oloroso sherry and amontillado. There are also some of the wines that play with the wines such as Chenin Blancs. But the wines that are used on daily basis must not have the oxidative notes. The wine if smells raisiny then it might have opened for many long, this is another rule to check the wine if it is oxidative or not.


Your wine is reduced if it gives a burnt smell. It is opposite to oxidation and caused by the lack of oxidation. Other characteristic smells that point out the presence of reduction is of the garlic, rubber, struck match and Sulphur. The type of wine which is more vulnerable to it is Syrah. Your will face the process of reduction from screw caps because it gives less permeable seal than natural corks.


The wine smells of a burnt cabbage. And the extreme smell that it can give off is of the rotting flesh. This situation of lightstruck is caused by the reaction of light with the wine. If the sun is too hot then it may happen even in the glass. This situation usually happens with the roses because they come usually in clear bottles. Bottles that are dark in color may prevent this situation like dark green color and amber is best for this purpose. Wines are ruined that are present in clear bottles, so do not buy them!

There are some health benefits associated with the wine, but there are some health risks too, so everyone must consider them while drinking wines or alcohol beverages at a greater rate. Following are some of the health issues that are listed below:

Disease of Liver

Overindulging in alcohol beverages can lead towards the liver disease. This is the most common disease associated with the over-consumption of the wine. Main function of liver is to purify the blood and filter out the blood’s impurities. But when alcohol is take in larger quantities then liver has to work overtime. Ultimately, after consuming alcohols for many years, there are increased chances that the liver may fail to work.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Making a large consumption of any form of alcohol or wine in pregnancy may have worse effects on the child. Baby may suffer from the following side effects if their mother drinks alcohol at a larger rate.

  • The child may be smaller in size as compared to other children of their age.
  • The child may have odd facial features.
  • They may develop learning problems.
  • They may have behavioral issues.
  • They may have birth defects.


Though wine have may benefits but side by side overconsumption of it can lead to severe diseases. The best way to enjoy life is to keep everything in equilibrium, even the consumption of alcohol or wine. s