The Top Wine Trends

The year of 2018 has rapidly passed and the 2019 has given us some great wine trends though we have witnessed many wine trends in 2018. Wine enthusiasts continued to enjoy Rose and then they moved towards premium wines. But now the wine lovers are shifting their taste towards millennials. They are just shaping and carving the wine industry’s future. Seeing the increasing love for millennials of wine lovers we can say for sure that millennial will dominate the year 2019. However, we cannot predict about the trends of wine years ahead.

Packaging of wine has always been great

Wine packaging has always been a matter of great importance for the wine brands and winemakers. Today’s millennial wine drinkers do not take as much interest in the loyalty of brand as previous generations used to take. Young generation and the wine lovers prefer on the appearance of the wine not on the brand’s quality or loyalty.

If we talk about stores, we see that wide range of wine brands are placed on the shelves but the most appealing packaging that takes the heart of everyone are of millennials. People prefer these bottles on other brands due to the appealing labels. This clearly depicts the idea that the current wine trends focus more on the visuals than the quality or taste.

Increase in the imported wines

Over the last few years, there has been a gradual increase in the imported wines and this trend will surely be increasing exponentially in the current and in the following year because many millennials are exploring and discovering international wines. More and more Italian, New Zealand and the French wines are being introduces and are becoming common among young and the old generation.

Shifting trend from Bottles to cans

If we look back to the previous years, we see that the wine brands used to package the wines in the boxes and the delicate glass bottles.

But due to the dramatic increase in the can’s production, the wine packaging is now gradually being replaced with the can packaging. Due to the increase in drinkers of millennial, the growth and production of canned wine has increased many times. It has many different advantages over wine bottles like the portability and the pricing factor. With its increased popularity, larger brands are shifting their packaging trends towards canned packaging.

Increasing demand of Bordeaux Wine

Bordeaux region’s wine has always been a seen as a classic. However, due to the reasons of high prices and tough competition caused a rapid decrease in the popularity of wine specifically the young drinkers. But now the Bordeaux wines are making a great comeback. Many wine experts are sharing their views that the Bordeaux wines are now becoming more drinkable and more approachable for the customers.


Wine trends of the current year will surely be interesting. Millennials are just impacting the industry and the extreme excitement is being generated. This is the key to keep your menu updated. 000000000