The Love of Wine

There are many alcoholic beverages in existence but one of the most desired amongst them for one has been wine. For many years wine has been the alcoholic beverage of choice for many consumers. When you look back at history, even the Greeks along with the Romans would always mention just how much they loved their wines. The only thing that we do not have in common with people of the olden days is that they had a much smaller selection to choose between.

Wine is the most cherished liquor or drinks in this universe for various reasons. The foremost reason is that it is beneficial to health if taken in a moderate quantity. It reduces the cholesterol and its consumption prevents heart ailments and some form of cancer also. As grapes contain antioxidants which prevent oxidative damage to our body and act as a preventive measure in many types of cancer. Wines get finer with age and if you are clever then all that you must do is provide them with some proper storage and they will be okay.

Wine is the purest and most loved liquor around the world. Red wine is preferred over other wines because of its various qualities that make it a cherished drink. It is ranked very highly for being a health drink by some leading health bulletins. The alcohol content generally ranges between 12 to 15 %. The most common varieties of red wine are shiraz, pinot noir, merlot, zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon.

It is made of dark grapes, it takes intense violet color initially but later it takes red brick color as it ripens with time. Its production is a long tedious procedure, but it could be understood in short.

This red color comes from the skin of the grapes which consists of anthocyanin pigments which give rich texture, taste, aside from color that attracts all. Red wine is given treatment at the winery during fermentation. The process starts with selected grapes going through stainless steel crushers and afterwards preservatives are added that help on timely fermenting as well as maintain
good quality and texture to the drink. Yeast is added and later is goes through the cooling process after which the pressing, the second transformation through microbiological occurs. This is a very important process in wine making. Later it is kept maturing and the process is referred to as racking and ageing. The older the wine is the better quality it is. Then fining is done to rectify any defects in post-production of the wine. Wine is filtered and finally bottling takes place. Bottling is generally done in glass bottles with cork stoppers which give it a vintage look.

Now on a lighter note, it is the most loved drink at dinner time, as it goes well with our cherished hot, spicy red meat. Intake of it with food helps in digestion of heavy food. We always want a true genuine friend in our life and red wine is our true buddy and companion which gives us good health as well as gives us makes our dinner and life interesting and enjoyable. Thus, cheers and enjoy our life.