Questions for Wine Makers

As I visit many clubs and I do attend parties, the most frequently asked questions are usually about wine. I come across with many people who ask questions to their friends and the wine retailers as if they want to ask those questions from the wine makers. Here is the list of questions with their short answers which are usually asked to the wine makers.

What is the reason behind the expensiveness of some wines?

Like many industries, the question of the price of many wines is directly associated with the old equation of demand vs. supply. Some wines are made from great vineyards that they demand top dollar. Some other wines have high prices due to their traditional fame and mystique. But all wines are expensive whether they are good in quality or not and the big bottle with little money always serves as the source of the enjoyment.

What type of grapes are sewed and grown at the vineyards?

Types of wines are purely dependent on the types of grapes. In this regard it is important to mention that climate of the vineyard affects the growth of the grapes and the way the temperature of the vineyards during different seasons affects the harvesting of the grapes. The particular types of grape seeds are selected for their growth at vineyards.

How the wines are fermented?

Wines are aged and are fermented in variety of ways.  Some wines are processed by ageing them in barrels while some are kept in large vats. Their time of ageing and time of fermentation contributes a lot in developing different specific tastes, aromas and flavors.

Are any of the wines a blend?

Answer to this question is very simple. Every second wine is the blend of two or more grapes. The percentage of each grape in the blend is carefully managed because the percentage controls the tastes of the blend. Different flavors of grapes are put together in a specific ratio to give a final product.

Which wine contains the highest percentage of alcohol?

Wines have varying alcohol content and this purely depends on their respective brands. There are different methods of measuring the content of alcohol but a common man cannot measure this percentage.

What food can be paired with different wine?

When you have tasted any wine and you like that wine then it becomes worth asking that with which food the particular wine can be paired with. Delicious combinations can be created by pairing accurately wines with the food. The wine guide can efficiently help you in this regard and can tell the best combinations that are usually adopted by many wine lovers.

How long can the wine shelf?

The wine must be consumed within the certain limit of time once it is opened. If the wine is not used after that particular limit of time then the flavor of the wine will be affected and it will start tasting sour. This is also dependent on the temperature of the shelf and on the circumstances of how the wine is stored. 000