Global Wine Business

Wines are being the most favourite beverages for youngsters and also for elders and they also like it to have a meal. There are so many different flavours and categories of wines available in the wine market and all of them have different and lavishing tastes. Different wine producing companies are working globally in an efficient way. All of the beverage producing industries are gaining a large number of capital by selling their products.

Global Wine Production

Globally there is a huge number of vineyards and also the wine producers who are providing a large number of wine products to their customers. There are 7.5 million hectares of vineyard area on which grapes are produced for better and tastier wines.

There is also a measured rate for global wine production, which is about 274 million hectoliters and is also consumed at a larger level. The wine lovers are consuming it at the larger level of almost 240 million hectoliters. The global business of wine is flourishing with maximized speed as nowadays wine is more consumed in other countries rather than in the country where it is producing.

Jean Marie Aurand is the director general of OIV (International organization of Vine) has told all of these statistics related to wine production worldwide. There are different countries who have a different position in ranking for the production of wines. In these countries the first one in Italy, France, Spain, and the USA. These are becoming the best producing and selling countries of wine beverages and earning more of their capital from this business. Get Wine Today is serving the best and quality wines to their customers in larger number.

World Wine Consumption

As we all better know that how people consume wines for fun and entertainment purpose. Therefore, this huge level of production in the global world is good for wine consumers as they get their desired flavor easily and surely from any of the wine club or bar. According to some studies and researches in 2015, there were 240 hectoliters consumption of wines was recorded by OIV. The USA is the top listed country in which more of the wine is consumed nearly 30 million Hectoliters. It has leaded France in consumption of wine as before USA France was the most wine consuming country in the global world. China and the UK are considered as the 5th and 6th wine consuming countries in the world according to the ranking list.

Trade Of Wine

When we talk about the global business how can we forget about the global trade of wines throughout the world? World trade is dominated by three of the best wine producing countries, which are France, Italy, and Spain. France is considered as the best exporter in terms of quality whereas Spain is the best exporter in terms of quantity. These three countries in combination account for 56% of international trade of wine. This global business is getting more and more flourished in the western world, as there is the trend of drinking beverages that are more alcoholic rather than the eastern world. Therefore, if you are more into getting profit by selling your products you should go there for selling your wine products.