Common Wine Questions

As wine is becoming more and more common choice in drinks for many, same questions are popping up again and again from many wine enthusiasts. Some of the frequently asked questions about wine are stated below:

Which is the “best wine”?

Usually, this is the question that is asked in wine shops by the customers. In other words, they actually want to know that which type of wine should he buy. However, the retailer reacts with the dozens of questions, such as

  • “How much can you spend for a bottle?”
  • “Do you want white wines or red wines?”
  • “Do you want to serve wine with any specific dish?”

All of the above questions is depicting that the “best wine” purely depends on the circumstances and on your taste.

How can I know about the flawed wine?

Your sense of smell can tell you the best about the flawed wine and helps you in determining that. A faulty cork can take you greatly in determining the flawed wine. If the cork is taint, the wine gives out moldy and offensive odor just like the damp cardboard. When the win gets exposed to the air then the corkiness gets worse. But if your tongue does not liking the taste of wine and it feels like too sweet or too tannic, too acidic or if it is unbalanced in taste then it is not necessary that the wine is flawed, wine may be not according to your palate.

Is there any wine without sulfites?

Due to the fermentation, Sulphur dioxide naturally exists in wine. At various stages in the process of wine-making, wine makers use Sulphur dioxide because it safeguards the wine’s flavor and stabilizes the wine. Very few winemakers avoid using Sulphur dioxide in the wines and those wines are called natural wines. Generally, wines do not have a long shelf life.

Which vintage is best for me?

This question basically portrays that as you have a wide choice to select one from many vintages belonging from the same wine. But most of the time, you do not. Almost every type of wine is available in one vintage and that is also known as the current vintage.

What are the organic wines?

Wines which are created from grapes that are organically grown are called organic grapes. And they do not contain the Sulphur dioxide.

Wine Expert, who is that?

A person having great knowledge of wine including winemaking, grape growing and the various types of wine in the world is called as Wine Expert. Moreover, the wine expert is efficient in tasting the taste of the wine.

Which type of wines must we serve at the parties?

You must serve those wines at the party that do not contain the high levels of alcohols in them so that people can enjoy the party and do not get too drunk. A wine must contain the 13.5% of the alcohol or lower than this.


Wine is used by many of the people and along with its constantly rising questions, wine has a lot of advantages. It not only boosts up your immune systems but it also contains many anti-oxidants. It highly reduces the stroke’s risk and increases the bone’s density.