Alcohol Beverages Industry-Statistics & Facts

Alcohol beverage industry is providing a large number of products, which are of different flavours and quality. It contains beer, lager, and cider and provides them to their consumers effectively. There is a large number of companies and brands who provide excellent and exciting alcohol beverages to their clients. These all products of alcohol beverage industry are gaining a large number of capita by increased sale around the world.

Beer is the most consumed product among the users worldwide and global production figure has shown an increasing trend of beer consumption in last few years. The United States is recognized as a second largest beer producing country around the world and is producing 224 million hectoliters of beer. In Germany, there is an increasing trend of beer consumption as they consume 104.7 litres of beer per capita in a year.

In a global market of alcohol production in Italy, Spain, and France is increased and are the most active countries in producing alcoholic beverages. In 2015 United States was ranked as second alcohol producing county whereas it gets changed in 2016 and in this year it became the fourth alcohol producing country around the world. Their production amount lowers down from 224 million hectoliters to 23.9 million hectoliters. Get Wine Today is the best and leading winery around the world as they provide a large number of wines to their customers. They also have different competitors who provide excellent alcohol beverages to the consumers of alcohols worldwide. They have to face so many difficulties in gaining recognition among the consumers and need to provide high-quality beverages to their clients.

In the United States, spirits industry is gaining around third part of total alcohol sale in the country. Spirits industry has gained 113.78 billion Dollars by their increased sale in the 2015 year. Smirnoff was the best selling and consuming vodka brand around the world with the increased sale of 25.7 million 9-litre cases in the year 2015.

In the United States, there is a large number of laws and regulations for alcohol beverage consumption. Consumption of alcohol beverages is strictly prohibited for teens under the age of 21 years. There are different rules and regulations for consumption of different types of beverages as every alcohol beverage has different effects on consumers.

In the United States, they get a large number of sales revenue as they gain 60% of sales revenue through alcohol beverage industry. 37% of sales revenue is gained by selling spirits and in a category of spirits vodka is the most consumed and sold beverage and gain 34% of capital per year whereas whiskey gets 24% and rum gets 12% sales revenue around the world in alcohol beverage industry. 15% of the capital is gained by selling wines from different vineyards. There are 71% of domestically produced and 21% are imported wines which gain more sales revenue in alcohol beverage industry. Alcohol beverage industry is growing day by day as its consumers are increasing. With the increasing demand for different beverages, this industry is producing more high-quality beverages for gaining an increased sales revenue for their industry.